May 30, 2017

“It’s not about us. It’s not about our hopes and dreams…it’s about our kids. All we want for our kids is for them to be happy. I advise anyone to really dig deep…because love heals everything.”

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INSTAGRAM: @TerryBauman

1. Where are you from and where do you live now?

San Antonio, Texas

2. Tell me a little bit about what you spend most of your days doing.

Working as a stylist/salon owner.

3. Why do you feel that the simple message of the Promote Love Movement is important?

To try and get through to parents who are not accepting of their children’s lifestyle.

5. Why do you think it is important to be your authentic self?

Because it makes you true to yourself, not living a lie.

6. Why do you feel it is important for the LGBTQ community to have allies?

If their parents aren’t accepting they need a support system whether it’s friends or family.

7. Do you have a message to kids out there who come out and might not have the support of their families/friends?

To give them time to wrap their heads around it because it’s not easy to handle.

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