July 15, 2016

Make time to tell stories but before that…make time to LISTEN. Check out this Promote Love story in Downtown Dallas…

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“Let me just explain life for you real quick. I’m walking to get some lunch on my lunch break. This homeless man doesn’t ask me for money, but tells me his story instead. See, the Dallas homeless just got kicked out from one spot and they migrated up the highway underpasses to another spot. Doesn’t matter, they’re getting kicked out of the relocation spot, too.

Look, I don’t carry cash. Just my keys, card and cellphone. So I offer dude a meal. He says a hot dog from 7-11 would be fine enough. We are discussing life and walking a block when another homeless man looks at me like I’m crazy. He sort-of stops in his stroll and looks at me and other dude. I say, “You want a hot dog?” He smiled big and joined us.

Dude says, “Miss lady, you read the Bible?” I said, “I don’t…” He laughed and with a big smile said, “Well see now that’s all right, because what you’re doing is from your heart.”

I’m standing in line buying 4 cheap ass hot dogs that come with 2 free drinks. I’m playing PokemonGO on my phone, catchin a Weeble or whatever as I check-out. Cashier lady asks me, “Did that man ask you for money?” I said, “No, he’s with me,” because he was. And, he didn’t ask me for money.

This is today. This is normal life. I wish I could save em all and catch em all, but a hotdog or two will do for right now. Y’all be kind to one another.” – HEATHER ABBOTT  [Have a story you want to share? Click the Submit a Story button on the homepage.]


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