May 9, 2016

“The Promote Love Movement is 1 year old! We decided to celebrate by throwing an event and launching our new website! It all started out as a simple idea to remind everyone to do little things to help promote love in their world. Not only has it grown into a site where people can share their stories but a movement that brings people together to help raise money & awareness for causes close to our hearts.”

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I can barely sit still as I type this! 1 year ago today I was standing on a countertop at Bullzerk in Dallas talking to a room full of people excited about the launch of the Promote Love Movement.

At that time, I knew there were a few things I wanted to accomplish. I wanted:

  1. To bring people together.
  2. To do my part to make the world a little happier.
  3. People to feel accepted and loved for being who they are.
  4. There to be a place where we could share our stories and connect.

How cool would it be to have a T-shirt with a simple message: “Promote Love”?! A message that would grab the attention of an onlooker and make them feel compelled to strike up a conversation with the person wearing the shirt. Sure enough, it worked! In a short amount of time these shirts have been all around the world. I have even heard stories of people giving their Promote Love shirt right off of their back to someone who liked it. Unbelievable! Ok so that happened and is cool but…now what?!

My friend Cassie recently had me take a personality test called 16 Personalities. I got “Campaigner”: a person who actively promotes the goals of a cause. This makes complete sense. Once I get an idea stuck in my head…watch out. I might drop everything to make it happen right then and there. I tend to be very last minute because of that. The final product will have kinks and a bunch of details to iron out but it’s OUT THERE. I used to overthink everything. I’d get stuck…paralyzed by fear and would rarely follow through with projects. Now, I’d rather put something imperfect out into the world and adjust as I go. When the Promote Love Movement launched a year ago I stayed up all night and put together a website. It functioned and got the job done but it just wasn’t what it needed to be. Then I met Omar and he designed the new site from scratch (it even has a place to submit a story!) Burnett Taylor took some slick photos of us in his studio and the next thing we knew the site was up and running. We have big dreams for the future but today we are taking a moment to celebrate how far we’ve all come!

So, where do I see this going? For one, I have morphed into an event planner of sorts. I literally just purchased 120 pieces of glassware. My plan is to coordinate a few fundraisers throughout the year. I want to find charities that are close to my heart, get my friends together and give. From low key dance parties to T-shirt screening shindigs to swanky rooftop cocktail hours. Maybe one day a dinner party/gala. This Friday I am dipping my toe in the water and testing things out.  With the help of my friends (listed below), I am hosting an invite only rooftop fundraiser. This will be our 3rd Promote Love event. I am learning as I go and I’m really enjoying the wild ride. I really want to be able to invite EVERYONE but there will be new people selected for each event depending on the size of the space. Each time we have a new event we will have new vendors who donate their time and talent. There will also be a takeover page the week of the event where you can read about the cause and help us by donating money or your time. For this event we are donating to No Kid Hungry. A cause very close to my heart. I have done design work for NKH in the past and a lot of my corporate work is within the foodservice industry. My clients are big advocates for this incredible cause. Let’s do our part to help end childhood hunger in America. Our goal is to raise $5K this Friday. There are a few ways to help: by sharing this post, snagging yourself a shirt HERE and by donating to No Kid Hungry HERE. Stay tuned for images and video from the event!

xo Steph


Huge shout out to this gang below:

Angel Green/Mivida Market : co-host.

Casey Doody: pastry chef.

The Standard Pour: champagne & wine.

Casey Reid: videographer.

Heather Abbott: photographer.

Zac Campbell: event planning.

Frankie V’s Kitchen: food.

DJ Nvs: smooth tunes.

Lesli Marshall: artist.

Adrian Torres: artist.

Savoie Art: artist.

Jeremy T. Lock: artist.

Mario Emiliano: bartender.

Havilah Bender: silent auction.

…and everyone who donated items for the silent auction. We couldn’t do this without all you!

Promote Love No Kid Hungry

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